Tempus III (2002 - 2008)

Year Project Title Egyptian Partner Institutions
2002 Micro-Finance at the University Sixth October University
2002 Master of EuroMed Studies at FEPS (Cairo University) Cairo University
2002 New Curriculum for Training Courses in GIS Ain Shams University
2002 Renovating Power System Stability Analysis Curricula Suez Canal University
2002 Sustainable Environment
 Development, A curriculum Development Project
Suez Canal University
2002 Pharmacy Education Using Computer-Based Knowledge Misr International University, Suez canal University
2002 Enhancement of Risk Perception in Engineering Education Cairo University
2002 CPR: Teaching the Teachers Zagazig University, EGYPTIAN RESUSCITATION COUNCIL
2002 Advanced Technology
 Training Programme for Cultural Heritage
Cairo University
2002 Strengthining of the Open
University E-Learning Centre at Cairo University, Egypt
Cairo University
2002 Evaluation de la Qualité - Région MEDA Assuit University, Cairo University
2003 Education in Coastal Management for the Mediterranean Cairo University
2003 Elearning System for Water and Environmental Studies Zagazig University
2003 Femmes, Travail et Formation Tanta University
2003 Master Appliqué en
 Chimie des Aromes, Parfums et Cosmétique (MAC)
Assuit University
2003 New Curriculum in Sound and Vibration Control Ain Shams University
2003 Development of a
Cooperative Phytopharmaceutical Study Program in Egypt
Cairo University, Helwan Univeresity, Egyptain Society for Cultural Development, Zaqaziq University
2003 Clinical Pharmacology for Rational Drug Prescribing Sixth October University, Health Affair University, Suez Canal Univerity, Assuit University, Zaqaziq University, Misr University for Science and Technology, Tanta University, Alexandria University, Ain Shams University, Alazhar University, Menoufeya University, Cairo University, Menoufeya Branch of the Health Insurance Organization, mansoura Univesity
2003 Development of Curriculum
for a Master Degree Program in Medical Informatics
Helwan University, Ain Shams University, Suez Canal Univesity
2003 MSC Program in
Environmental Management, Engineering and Technology
Mansoura University
2003 Formation Multipole et Plurdisciplinaire en Development Rural Cairo University
2003 Simulation for Medical Education and Skills Training Cairo University
2003 Enhancing Regional Academic Cooperation in the Mediterranean Alexandria University
2003 Updating Life Science Studies using New Curricula and Technologies at the Faculty of Science. Alexandria University Alexandria University
2003 Innovations in Professional Training in Egypt Information Technological Institute, Suez Canal University, Suez Canal Authority, Ministry of Public Entreprises, Alexandria University, Sixth October University
2004 Master of Science Course in Applied Enviromental Geosciences and Water Resoureses Management South Valley University, Assuit University
2004 Curricula Development for a New Mechatronics B.Sc. Major Helwan University, Ain Shams University, Benha Higher Institute of Technology
2004 Development of an institutional Decision Support Training Programme in Egypt Cairo University, Ministry of Planning
2004 Introducation New & up-dating Courses of Materials Sciences South Valley University
2004 Cairo University E-Learning Centre Cairo University
2004 Management of Maxillofacial Deformities: A New Curriculum Al Azhar University, Ain Shams University
2005 Establishing A New Master Degree in Seed Sciences Alexandria University, Mansoura University, Minia University, Ain Shams University
2005 Adapting Egypt Sport Science Curricula to Job Market & Europe Helwan University
2005 A Curriculum for Environmental Impact Assessment Courses. MINISTRY OF HOUSING, UTILITIES AND URBAN COMMUNITIES, Ain Shams, Housing and Building Research Center
2005 New Curriculum in Automotive Pollution Control Ain Shams University, Helwan University
2005 Advanced Materials and Technology: A New Curriculum Ain Shams University, Cairo University
2005 Development of an industry-linked Mechatronics Program with Training of Trainers Zagazig University, High Technological Institute,10th of Ramadan, SEKEM DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION
2005 Establishing a Virtual Laboratories Developing Center (VLDC) South Valley University, Assuit University
2005 Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering Program Helwan University, Ain Shams University
2005 Establishing a Sugar Science and Technology B.SC. Study Program Assuit University
2005 Think-Interdisciplinary: Training-of-Trainers Program in Interdisciplinary Water Management Fayoum University, Cairo University
2004 New Vision of Engineering Economy Teaching Cairo University
2004 Evolution of Training of Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy Ain Shams University
2004 The development of a Quality Assurance Systm within selected Universities in Egypt Tanta University, Helwan University, Menoufeya University
2006 Promoting ECTS in Egyptian Universities Assuit University, Ministry of Higher Education, Ain Shams University, Tanta University
2003 Réseau sur la reconoissance des qualifications Assuit University
2003 International Cooperation Measures for Egypt Helwan University, Assuit University, Suez Canal University, Mansoura University
2004 Echanges Expériences Bologne Fac. Sciences du Vivant EG Menoufia University, Mansoura University, Tanta University, Zaqaziq University
2004 Virtual Learning Environment for Medical Education Cairo University
2004 European and Mediterranean Certified Maritime Training Centre Arab Academy for Science & Technology
2005 EEFB-ALEX - Exchange of Experience Focusing on Bologna Process at Alexandria Univerity in Egypt Alexandria University, Helwan University,Cairo University




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